Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra – [1961] Viva Cugat!
Label:Mercury – PPS 6003, PPS 2003
Series:Perfect Presence Sound Series
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo
Style:Afro-Cuban, Cha-Cha, Rumba


A1. Jungle Concerto 2:30 
A2. The Peanut Vendor (El Manisero) 2:28 
A3. Isle Of Capri 2:35 
A4. Tropical Merengue (Amanecer Tropical) 2:34 
A5. Nightingale 2:31 
A6. Perfidia 2:53 

B1. Siboney 2:43 
B2. Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali) 2:25 
B3. Anna (El Negro Zumbon) 2:18 
B4. Maria Elena 2:12 
B5. Poinciana (Song Of The Tree) 2:50 
B6. Say Si Si (Para Vigo Me Voy) 2:28

B4. Maria Elena는 국내에서 유명한 곡인데 이곡은
Los Indios Tabajaras 를 알린곡이기도 하지만 원래는
1941년 불리워진 Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra 의  Maria Elena 입니다.

Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra


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Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra – [1953] Dance With Cugat
Label:Columbia – CL 537
Format:Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Released:02 Nov 1953
Genre:Jazz, Latin
Style:Latin Jazz, Samba, Beguine, Tango, Mambo


A1, Rumba:   Oye Negra
A2, Tango:   El Choclo
A3, Conga:   Cuba Libre
A4, Beguine:   Begin The Beguine
A5, Mambo:   El Marijuano
A6, Paso-Doble:   Touradas En Madrid (Bull Fight In Madrid)

B1, Afro-Cuban:   Babalu
B2, Guaracha:   Bim Bam Bum
B3, Bolero:   Nightingale
B4, Samba:   Good, Good, Good (That's You - That's You)
B5, Habanera:   I'll Never Love Again
B6, Mexican Hat Dance:  Jarabe Tapation

Xavier Cugat (1900 spain -1990)
미국에서 룸바킹이라는 호칭을 얻을 정도로 남미음악 전파하는 선구자
1928년 Hollywood에서 그의 밴드인생이 시작되었습니다.
레코딩은 Victor를 통한 싱어 Dinah Shore와 함께 시작이 되었고
Columbia, RCA Victor, Mercury Records, Decca 를 옮겨가며 수많은 연주곡집을
국내에서는 영화 삽입곡으로 Maria Elena 로 유명합니다.

A1, Rumba:   Oye Negra
(앨범은 mono, 감상곡은 '58 버젼으로 Stereo임)


Xavier Cugat 78 rpm Albums

Rumba with Cugat; Columbia C-54
Conga with Cugat; Columbia C-74
Cugat in Mexico; Columbia C-98
Rumbas; RCA Victor P-67
1-2-3 Kick Congas; RCA Victor P-73
Tangos; RCA Victor P-83

Xavier Cugat 10" Extended Play

Rumbas; RCA Victor LPT-8
Rhumba with Cugat; Columbia CL-6005
Cugat's Favorite Rumbas; Columbia CL-6021
Conga with Cugat; Columbia CL-6036
Xavier Cugat Dance Parade; Columbia CL-6077 (1949)
Tropical Bouquets; Columbia CL-6086; (1949)
Dance Date with Xavier Cugat; Columbia CL-6121
Mambo at the Waldorf; Columbia CL-6213
Here's Cugat; Mercury MG-25120
Mambos by Cugat; Mercury MG-25168
Dance with Cugat/The Great Latin American Rhythms of; Mercury MG-25149
Mambo!; Columbia House Party CL-2506
Tango with Cugat; Columbia CL-6234
Samba with Cugat; Columbia CL-6236


Xavier Cugat 12" LPs

Relaxing with Cugat (Quiet Music Vo.6); Columbia CL-515
Dance with Cugat; Columbia CL-537
Cugat's Favorite Rumbas; Columbia CL-579 (CL 6021)
Tango Time (with Mark Weber Orchestra); Columbia CL-597
Olé; Columbia CL-618
Cha Cha Cha; Columbia CL-718
Mambo at the Waldorf; Columbia CL-732
Merengue by Cugat; Columbia CL-733
Bread, Love, and Cha Cha Cha; Columbia CL 1016
Latin Carnival; Columbia CB-2 (CL 36545)
Cugat Cavalcade; Columbia CS-8055
Waltzes...but by Cugat; Columbia CS-8059
The Latin Rhythms of Xavier Cugat; CBS/Harmony HL 7271 (CL 50461)
Anyone Can Cha Cha (w/Joe Loco); CBS/Epic LN 3338
Cugat's Favorites; Mercury MG-20065; 1955?
Mambo!/Music for Latin Lovers; Mercury MG-20108; 1957
The King Plays Some Aces; RCA Victor LSP-1882; 1958
Cugat en España; RCA Victor LSP-1894; 1959
Chile con Cugi; RCA Victor LSP-1987; 1959
Twist with Cugat; Mercury SR-60705
Cugat in France, Spain, and Italy; RCA Victor LSP-2173; 1960
Most Popular Movie Themes; Mercury SR-60745; 1960
Viva Cugat!; Mercury PPS-6003; 1961
The Best of Cugat; Mercury PPS-6015; 1961
Cugat Plays Continental Favorites; Mercury PPS-6021; 1961
Cugat's Golden Goodies; Mercury SR-60798; 1963
Cugi's Cocktails; Mercury SR-60832; 1963
Cugat Caricatures; Mercury SR-60888; 1964
Music of Ernesto Lecuona; Mercury SR-60936
Compilation: The Latin Soul of Xavier Cugat; Pickwick SPC-3095
The Beautiful New Sound of Strings (2-LP); Musicor M2S-3179
Latin Reflections; Musicor/MusicO MDS-1015
Feeling Good!; Decca DL-74672
Dance Party; Decca DL-74740
Bang Bang; Decca DL-74799; 1966
Xavier Cugat Today!; Decca DL-74851
Compilation: Spanish Eyes; Vocalion VL-3910; 1970
Latin Spice; RCA Victor CS-169
That Latin Beat; RCA Camden CAL-323
Pure Gold; RCA ANL1-1310e; 1976


LP's compil.

Abbe Lane (c/Sid Ramin): Where There's a Man; RCA Victor LSP-1899; 1959
Varios: The Dancing Beat of the Latin Bands; RCA Victor LSP-2087; 1959
Varios (Machito/Cugat/Belmonte): Mambo Mucho Mambo; Columbia CL-626
Varios: Hit Motion Picture Themes; Mercury SR-60810


EP (10") & 45rpm

Dancing With Xavier Cugat; Columbia B-1871
At Last We're Alone/Who Me?; Columbia/Epic 5-9123
Xavier Cugat: Rock Moruno/Danza de las Horas; RCA Victor
Various: All-Star Pops; Columbia B-2088



Películas (영화)

Don Juan (primera película con sonido); Warner Bros.; 1926 -유성영화
The Jazz Singer (primera película con diálogos sonoros); Warner Bros.; 1927 -음성대화영화
Cugat & his Gigolos (primer corto musical); Warner Bros. -첫번 음악단편 영화
Charros, Gauchos y Manolas (producción y dirección de Cugat)
The Great Divide (como director musical solamente)
Two Girls and a Sailor (c/Harry James); MGM; 1944
Bathing Beauty (c/Esther Williams); MGM
Weekend at the Waldorf; MGM
Holiday in Mexico; MGM
This Time for Keeps; MGM
No Leave, No Love; MGM
You Were Never Lovelier; MGM
Let's Face It
Sweater Girl
Call Me Mister
On an Island with You (c/Esther Williams); MGM
A Date with Judy (c/Carmen Miranda); MGM
Stage Door Canteen; Warner Bros.
The Heat's On (orquesta solamente)


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Various – The World Of Phase 4 Stereo
Label:Decca – SPA 32
Format:Vinyl, LP, Compilation
Genre:Jazz, Pop


A1. Ronnie Aldrich And His Two Pianos – Ride My See-Saw  
A2. Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra – Theme From "Elvira Madigan"  
A3. Maurice Larcange With Roland Shaw Orchestra And Chorus – Plaisir D'Amour  
A4. Stone Pillow  – Eleazar's Circus  
A5. The Raymonde Singers – Written On The Wind  
A6. Caterina Valente And Edmundo Ros Orchestra – La Bamba  

B1. Werner Müller & His Orchestra – Blue Danube Waltz  
B2. Edmundo Ros & His Orchestra – La Cumparsita  
B3. Paul Livert's Orchestra And Chorus – Red River Valley  
B4. Will Glahe & His Orchestra – Wien Bleibt Wien  
B5. Stanley Black And London Festival Orchestra – Three Blind Mice  

Engineer – Arthur Bannister, Arthur Lilley
Producer – Tony D'Amato

국내에서는 성음사에서 라이센스로도 발매된 컴필 음반입니다.
한동안 Phase 4 Stereo 시리즈에 매료되어 곧잘 사모았던 적이 있었습니다.
너무 많이 들어 상할 정도였던 이 음반에 수록곡인 Stone Pillow  – Eleazar's Circus를
참으로 인상 깊게 들었었지요..  

아마도 같은 공감대를 지닌 분들도 있으리라 생각하고 들어봅니다.

A4. Stone Pillow  – Eleazar's Circus


아래는 Stone Pillow  – Eleazar's Circus 수록 앨범('69)입니다.

Stonepillow - [1969]  Eleazar's Circus
Vinyl LP 
London SP 44123 (US)
           PFS 4163 (UK)


A1. Transcontinental Depress   3:47
A2. There's Good News Tonight   5:43
A3. Green George   3:24
A4. Strange Times   2:58
A5. Coat of Many Colors   3:10

B1. The Eternity Track   3:32
B2. Swing the Rose   3:05
B3. Dr. Love   2:36
B4. Eleazar's Circus   5:55


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Le Grand Orchestre De Paul Mauriat Vol.4


A1.La Chanson De Lara (Somewhere my Love / Lara's Theme) (2:53)
      theme from the movie "Doctor Zhivago"
      (Maurice Jarre - Paul Francis Webster - H. Ithier)
A2.Winchester Cathedral (2:27)
      (Geoff Stephens)
A3.Un Homme Et Une Femme (A Man and a Woman) (2:23)
      (Francis Lai - Pierre Barouh)
A4.Noir C'est Noir (Black is Black) (2:47)
      (W. Steve - Hayes Wadey - M. Grainger - Georges Aber)
A5.Love Me Please Love Me (2:43)
      (Michel Polnareff / Michel Polnareff & Franck Gérald)
A6.Guantanamera (2:14)
      (Jose Marty - Jean-Michel Rivat - Arr.: Pete Seeger - Hector Angulo)

B1.J'attendrai (Reach out I'll be there) (3:11)
      (Brian Holland - Lamont Dozier - Eddie Holland - Claude Francois - Vline Buggy)
B2.En Bandouliere (2:04)
      (Salvatore Adamo)
B3.Sunny (2:37)
      (Bobby Hebb)
B4.J'ai Peur (2:17)
      (Enrico Macias - Jacques Dermany)
B5.Celine (2:11)
      (Mort Shuman - Vline Buggy - Hugues Aufray)
B6.Paris En Colere (2:58)
      theme from the movie "Is Paris Burning?"
      (Maurice Jarre - Maurice Vidalin)

Paul Mauriat and His Orchestra
너무 유명한 악단이고 많은 음악들이 우리 귀에 익숙합니다.
그중 어렸을때 라디오에서 매일 들려졌던 그 음악..첫번 귀에 다가온 음악이
그의 모든 음악에 우선하는군요..
B4. J'ai Peur 가 그곡입니다. 그당시 복사판에는 "연심" 이라고 표현이 되었던곡입니다.

B4. J'ai Peur



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    그 프로그램이 김자옥의 사랑의 계절 아니면 여인극장인데...가물거립니다..ㅎㅎ
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      여인극장이지 싶네 그려..
      내용 줄거리는 전혀 모르겠고 이 음악만이 내 귀에 긴세월 남아있구먼...^^..잘 지내지?..ㅎ

Floyd Cramer – [1961] On The Rebound
Label: RCA Victor – LPM-2359
Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
Country: US
Released: 1961
Genre: Folk, World, & Country, Jazz
Style: Easy Listening


A1. On The Rebound    2:05 
A2. Wonderland By Night    2:54 
A3. I Can Just Imagine    2:38 
A4. Faded Love    1:43 
A5. Let It Be Me    2:09 
A6. Two Of A Kind    1:52 

B1. Danny Boy    2:05 
B2. Corrina, Corinna    2:30 
B3. Tammy    2:03 
B4. First Impression    2:16 
B5. San Antonio Rose    2:16 
B6. Alma Mater    2:04

A1. On The Rebound  를 들으면 참으로 명쾌한 귀가 너무 좋습니다.
일방적인 드럼박자가 아닌 리드미컬한 것이 더 해져서 간혹 추임새의 현이 매력이고
연주하는 플로이드는 얼마나 재미있었을까요..
2분여 되는 시간이지만 듣기전의 세상과는 딴판인듯 감상을 늘 해봅니다.

A1. On The Rebound   
A2. Wonderland By Night   
B3. Tammy   
B5. San Antonio Rose


Floyd Cramer 의 첫번앨범과 Discography 바로가기


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Don Robertson – [1956] The Happy Whistler / You're Free To Go
Label:Capitol Records – F3391
Format:Vinyl, 7", Single, 45 RPM, Promo
Genre:Folk, World, & Country, Pop
Style:Country, Easy Listening


A. Don Robertson – The Happy Whistler
             Whistling – Don Robertson  2:25 

B. Don Robertson With Lou Dinning(vocal) – You're Free To Go
             Written-By – Lou Herscher  2:36 

Don Robertson
Donald Irwin Robertson
American singer/songwriter, arranger, pianist and conductor
출생: December 5, 1922 in Beijing, China.
1954년 Eddy Arnold의  I REALLY DON'T WANT TO KNOW를 시작으로 많은작곡을 했습니다.
또 휘파람 불다가 꼬리를 물어 음악 올립니다.

A. Don Robertson – The Happy Whistler

[The Happy Whistler]
WORLD-WIDE HIT, Billboard #9 POP Hit for Don Robertson, 1956 
The Burbank Philharmonic
Boots Randolph
Glenn Yarbrough
& others . . .

[You're Free To Go]
Emmylou Harris
Goldie Hill
Sonny James (#9 Country HIT)
Julie London
Rick Nelson
Les Paul & Mary Ford
Jim Reeves
Carl Smith (#6 Country HIT)
& others . . .

아래는 Happy Whistler 가 실린 여러 음반들.








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Art Ferrante & Lou Teicher – [1953] Hi-Fireworks
Label:Columbia – CL 573
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Mono


A1. Oye Negra  
A2. Falling In Love With Love  
A3. Susanna's Last Stand  
A4. Caravan  
A5. Blue Moon  
A6. Semper Fidelis  

B1. Chopsticks  
B2. Tabu  
B3. That Old Black Magic  
B4. I've Got You Under My Skin  
B5. Malaguena  
B6. Flight Of The Bumble Bee  

Piano – Art Ferrante, Lou Teicher

Ferrante & Teicher

Real Name:Arthur Ferrante, Louis Teicher

Arthur Ferrante: (September 7, 1921, New York City – September 19, 2009)
Louis Teicher  : (August 24, 1924, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania – August 3, 2008)

역시 이들의 음악은 스테레오 음반으로 들어야 제맛이긴 하지만
모노시대에 데뷔를 하였으니 나름 AM 같은 소리도 정겹습니다. 


Art Ferrante & Lou Teicher – [1953] Hi-Fireworks
A4. Caravan
B2. Tabu  
B6. Flight Of The Bumble Bee 



1952 Mississippi Boogie/African Echoes Joe Davis Records


1952 Piano Playhouse MGM E209


1953 Hi-Fireworks Columbia CL-573
1954 Can-Can & Me & Juliet Columbia CL-6264
1954 Continental Holiday Columbia CL-6291
2001 Can-Can and Me & Juliet/   Sony/Collectables Records
 Continental Holiday (CD)  CDL-CD-6692


1955 Rhapsody Urania URA-78011


1955 Rachmaninoff Two-Piano Suites Westminster XWN-18059
1955 Original Variations for Two Pianos Westminster XWN-18169
1955 Ravel/DeBussy Westminster XWN-18219
1955 Encores! Westminster XWN-18786
1955 Postcards From Paris Westminster WP-6001
1955 Adventure In Carols Westminster WP-6021
1956 Soundproof Westminster WP-6014
1956 Soundblast Westminster WP-6041
(WST-15011 Stereo-Soundproof)


1957 Heavenly Sounds In Hi-Fi ABCS-221
1958 Ferrante & Teicher With Percussion ABCS-248
1959 Blast Off ABCS-285
1959 Play Light Classics ABCS-313
1959 Themes From Broadway Shows ABCS-336


1960 Dream Concerto UAS-6103
1960 Dynamic Twin Pianos (Keyboard Kapers!) WWS-8504
1960 The World's Greatest Themes UAS-6121
1960 Latin Pianos UAS-6135
1961 Golden Piano Hits WWS-8505
1961 Goodbye Again - Original Soundtrack UAS-5091
1961 Love Themes WWS-8514
1961 West Side Story UAS-6166
1961 Tonight! UAS-6171
1962 Golden Themes From Motion Pictures UAS-6210
1962 Pianos In Paradise UAS-6230
1962 Snowbound UAS-6233
1962 The Keys To Her Apartment UAS-6247
1963 Love Themes From Cleopatra UAS-6290
1963 Holiday For Pianos UAS-6298
1963 Concert For Lovers UAS-6315
1964 Fifty Fabulous Favorites UAS-6343
1964 My Fair Lady UAS-6361
1964 The People's Choice UAS-6385
1964 Springtime UAS-6406
1965 By Popular Demand UAS-6416
1965 Only The Best UAS-6434
1965 A Rage To Live-Original Soundtrack UAS-5130
1965 The Ferrante & Teicher Concert - Part 1 UAS-6444
1965 The Ferrante & Teicher Concert - Part 2 UAS-6475
1966 For Lovers Of All Ages UAS-6483
1966 You Asked For It! UAS-6526
1966 We Wish You A Merry Christmas UAS-6536
1967 Our Golden Favorites UAS-6556
1967 A Man & A Woman UAS-6572
1967 In the Heat Of The Night UAS-6624
1967 Live For Life UAS-6632
1968 The Painted Desert UAS-6636
1968 A Bouquet Of Hits UAS-6659
1968 Love In The Generation Gap UAS-6671
1969 Listen To the Movies With Ferrante & Teicher UAS-6701
1969 Midnight Cowboy UAS-6725
1970 Getting Together UAS-5501
1970 Love Is A Soft Touch UAS-6771
1970 The Best Of Ferrante & Teicher (6 new tracks) UXS-73
1971 The Music Lovers UAS-6792
1971 It's Too Late UAS-5531
1972 Fiddler On The Roof UAS-5552
1972 Play The Hit Themes UAS-5588
1972 Salute Nashville UAS-5645
1973 Hear And Now UA-LA018F
1973 The Roaring Twenties UA-LA072F
1974 Killing Me Softly UA-LA118F
1974 Dial "M" For Music UA-LA195F
1975 Greatest Love Themes of the 20th Century UA-LA101G2
1975 In A Soulful Mood UA-LA227G
1975 Beautiful, Beautiful UA-LA316G
1975 Body & Soul UA-LA360G
1976 The Carpenter's Songbook UA-LA490G
1976 Fill the World With Love UA-LA547G
1976 Spirit Of "176" UA-LA573G
1977 Piano Portraits UA-LA585G
1977 Feelings UA-LA662G
1977 Rocky & Other Knockouts UA-LA782G
1978 Star Wars UA-LA855G
1978 You Light Up My Life UA-LA908G
1979 Supermen UA-LA941G
1979 Classical Disco UA-LA980G


1993 All-Time Great Motion Picture Themes (CD) 07777-98823-2
2001 Christmas Is So Special (CD) 72435-29057-2
2001 Great 1970's Motion Picture Themes (CD) 72435-30518-2


1984 30th Anniversary - On Stage Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1001
1985 A Few Of Our Favorites - On Stage Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1002
1986 American Fantasy - On Stage Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1003
1988 Dos Amigos Avant-Garde (Bainbridge) AVG-1004
1992 40th Anniversary - On Stage Avant-Garde (Intersound) AVG-1005
1998 The Ferrante & Teicher Collection Avant-Garde (Varese Sarabande Vintage) AVG-1006
2000 The Sound Of Music Avant-Garde/Varese Sarabande Records AVG-1007
2001 Denizens Of The Deep (CD) Avant-Garde/Varese Sarabande Records 302 066 261 2
2002 America Forever (CD) Avant-Garde/Varese Sarabande Records 302 066 312 2
2005  All-Time Greatest Hits Live On Stage (CD) Avant-Garde/Varese Sarabande Records 302 066 691 2


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Ray Conniff - [1957] Dance the Bop!
Ray Conniff and His Orchestra & Chorus
Columbia CL 1004
Harmony HL 1004 (reportedly a bootleg)

The Lp was released April 15, 1957

A1. Walkin' The Bop
A2. The Drop
A3. Just Boppin'
A4. Doin' The Twister
A5. The Flea Hop
A6. Cross Over

B1. Walkin' The Bop Again
B2. Swingin' The Bop
B3. Hand Around
B4. Play A Gittar Solo
B5. The Spinner
B6. Honky-Tonk Rock Around

Ray Conniff의 Bop의 세계로 초대된 음반.
Bop이라함은 2차대전이후 할렘가를 비롯한 곳에서 발전되어온 재즈 스타일을 말합니다.
트럼펫 주자인 Dizzy Gillespie 와 색소폰 주자인 Chalie 'Bird' Parker 등이 개척자라고 할수 있지요.

Bebop 이나 Rebop이 이 Bop으로 통합 불리워지며
재즈뮤지션들에게는 찬성과 반대가 많았던 부류입니다만 우리들은 그저
Jazz의 한 형태로 알면 되지요.

레이가 꾸민 본 앨범은 전체가 흥겨운 곡으로 첫곡 Walkin' The Bop 부터 슬슬 걷는듯 시동을 겁니다.
재미있는 앨범 1957년 발표 앨범입니다.

Ray Conniff - [1957] Dance the Bop!

Ray Conniff의 Discography 보러가기


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Tommy Whistler – [1968] Where The Rainbow Ends/ Cardelina
Label:Columbia – CF 151
Format:Vinyl, 7"
Released: 1968


A. Where The Rainbow Ends  

B. Cardelina

휘파람 곡의 앨범들이 자꾸 생각나게 하는군요..
이곡은 아주 부드럽게 부르면서도 친근감이 드는 곡입니다.
Tommy Whistler 의 다른 레코드는 찾기가 힘듭니다.

Tommy Whistler
[1968] Where The Rainbow Ends


저작자 표시 비영리 변경 금지
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David Carroll And His Orchestra [1957] Percussion In Hi-Fi
Label: SR 60003
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album, Stereo


A1.Hell's Bells   2:22 
A2.Bali Ha'i   2:27 
A3.The Chimes Of Swing   2:22 
A4.Malaguena    2:59 

   Discussion In Percussion
A5.Quiet Talk 1:50 
A6.Chatter 2:02 
A7.Controversy 2:19 

B1.The Cricket    2:15 
B2.Jungle Drums    2:47 

   Spanish Symphonique
B3.Part I: The Pyrenees  2:12 
B4.Part II: Madrid  3:05 
B5.Part III: Bull Fight  1:47 
B6.Part IV: Finale Flamenco  2:51 


Bass – John Frigo
Contrabass – Harold Siegel
Directed By [Recording], Conductor – David Carroll
Guitar – Earl Backus, John Gray
Harp – Peter Eagle
Orchestra – David Carroll And His Orchestra
Percussion – Bobby Christian, Dale Anderson, Frank Rullo, Harry Brabec, Hugh Anderson, Sam Denov
Piano – Robert Acri, Caesar Giovanini

A1.Hell's Bells
B3.Spanish Symphonique (The Pyrenees,Madrid,Bullfight,Finale Flamenco)


Another Cover : Mercury – MG 20166

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